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I'm Mehmet, a Frontend Developer

Specialized in React, JavaScript, TypeScript Development, in addition to UI/UX design and the emerging no-code tool Webflow.

/ About Me

I am a CS Engineer based in Hungary-Budapest & Jordan-Amman. That have been in the field of development & design since 2018.

/ My work

Being a Front End Developer, I work on building and developing (and occasionally designing) exceptional digital experience!

/ About me

I've been developing websites since since 2018

With various tools under my belt, whether it's a design task or development, I guarantee my clients 100% satisfaction.

Years of experience
%customer satisfaction

Are you looking for web development or design services? Cheers! You've found your guy. My proven track record  with clients & agencies means that no matter what we build together, the process will be clear, efficient, and fun.

/ Previously worked with
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/ What I do

Here's a general Overview

With various tools under my belt, whether it's a design task or development, I guarantee my clients 100% satisfaction.

Web Development

Development Services using HTML, CSS, JS, React (SAP/Microfrontends), and much more!
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responsive Web Design

UI / UX Design

No design ready yet? Don’t worry, before developing your website, I’ll design it for you.
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website design

General Coding Services

Need extra help with things like Python, MongoDB, Deployment, testing, etc?
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Website Development - frontend
/ Testimonials

What clients say about my work

<t>Got some help from Mohammed for rebranding our new website and he absolutely killed it! He answered everything right away and clearly  cared about doing good work! Overall, had a really good experience working together and definitely can recommend him to everyone.</t>

/ Nick Balazs
Managing Director

<t>Mehmet has extremely clear communication, and is a very professional freelancer. His diverse skillset and professionalism definitely puts him in the top 1% of all freelancers in the world.</t>

/ Eng. Rahi Al Asad
Chief Technical Officer
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<t>Mehmet has done great work for us with our new website, including multiple updates and additions. He's quick to answer and has a great pro-active mindset in terms of making sure that we get exactly what we are expecting from a website developer. Highly recommended.</t>

/ Khaled Hamam
Core Founder
simple pharma logo

<t>Mohammad was extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. His communication skills were impeccable and his short video updates were invaluable in explaining the process and clarifying any questions. We look forward to working with him again.</t>

/ Catherine Bailey
The Simple Pharma Company UK Limited
/ contact

Let's talk business

I love hearing from my old clients, and meeting new clients. I offer a no obligation initial meeting so I can learn about your digital objectives and introduce myself. Reach out, I'm are here to listen & help.

Feel free to react out to me via Email or on LinkedIn. I aim to answer all queries within 1-2 working days [Hungary - CET] :)


Frequent questions

If you have more questions, don't hesitate to contact me via email :) 

Why should I hire you?

Good Question!

Though, I don't claim to be the best in my field, I can say one thing for sure and that is: my goal is your stratification and providing you with a work you'll be 100% happy with. I'm proud to say that I've never had a dissatisfied client since 2019 :) !!!!

What's your area of specialty?

I'm specialized in Front End Development (think React "framework/library", JavaScript, CSS, HTML)  & Progessive Web Apps, Microservices with some experience in Backend (Node (express), SQL, etc.).

In addition, I have extensive experience in Webflow development, from simple projects up to full scale large projects with a knack of designing friendly Webflow layouts :) 

I'm also a Web Designer on the side, my main capability in UI (and UX) fields are in: Landing Pages Conversion Layout, professional designs for engineering firms, restaurants, cafes, bakeries. Basically, clean cut, stylish layouts.

What tools do you do?

Design: Mainly Figma, but I also work with: Photoshop, XD, & illustrator.

Development: Traditional coding languages, JavaScript, TypeScript, React.js, React Native Library, CSS, Webflow, SQL, Node.js, and Python. For a detailed list, you can visit my LinkedIn account.

How long does one a page design/development take?

In relation to design, this is a tough question to answer as there are many factors that go into the designing stage (from content management, wireframing, moodboard, complexity, etc) but generally speaking, designing a single page (i.e landing page) requires around 8~10 hours of work, shorter if the client already has content/wireframe ready.

Webflow: While development of a single (from Desktop up to Phone) with animations & basic SEO for a one page is around 6 hours. Again, these are rough estimates.

Traditional Coding: around 12 hours. Again, rough estimate.

Are you currently looking for full-time opportunities

If you have an offer, please reach out to me on email or LinkedIn, as I can't really give a specific answer to this question based on the time you're reading this, also thank you for taking interest!

Please contact me at: Mohammad_Taiseer@outlook.com

What if I don't like the final design version?

You don't have to worry about not liking the final design as my process is structured towards continuous interaction between us through out all steps of design & development. We will work together on this project, and you can voice all your concerns and opinions each step of the way.

My process will insure a final product that satisfies you and accomplishes your objectives.

Can I afford you?

Of course! You can send me an email about your project details and I'll provide you with a free quote (it would be helpful if you state your budget as well).

I always try and keep my clients budget in mind, but please understand that just like you, I have bills to pay :)

I have a design, can you turn it into a Website?

Absolutely, whether you already have a design or want one from scratch, I will provide you with the service you need.

Do you deploy & host websites?

Yes, I can provide you with several recommendations on where to deploy your website with minimum costs (sometimes free hosting!!!), or if you'd like to host your website somewhere specific, I can also help you.

Do you provide SEO work?

Yes, I provide both the basic & advanced SEO work for your Website. Included in the development stage.

Do you provide copywriting?

I provide help with content management; that is pointing out what type of info should be placed in... say a landing page and how to organize these info. Unfortunately, I don't provide copywriting.